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Sherpa Care

Sherpa care is a social organization
that aims to provide welfare to Sherpas and their families

Sherpa care is a social organization that aims to provide welfare to Sherpas and their families who rely on the tourism trade for their livelihood. Since the 1950s and 1960s sherpas had played a leading role in the climbing and trekking industries respectively, helping to transform Nepal into one of the most attractive destinations for adventure tourism. However the families of these Sherpas who have worked as porters, guides, sirdars and climbers had no provision for receiving any substancial financial assistance in case of an accident which sadly is all too common especially among climbing Sherpas.

  • Mingma Gelu Sherpa

    Mingma Gelu Sherpa

    The Man Behind Sherpa Care Foundation

Sherpa Care is the brainchild of Mingma Gelu Sherpa, the proprietor of 7Summits Adventure, a trekking and expedition company that has organized 22 expeditions to Mt. Everest alone since their inception. Mingma Gelu is known for his umatched love for the mountains and climbed Everest for 8 times. But he is not the only climber in the family as his two sisters Lhakpa and Ming Kipa are also seasoned climbers both having submitted Everest several times. Ming Kipa who summited at the age of fifteen was awarded the Gorkha Dakshin Bahu for her achievements. Mingma's feats are not limited to his homeland and has distinguished himself by climbing Europe's tallest peak Mt. Elbrus. Seven Summits Adventure has been providing luxury treks and expeditions to their discerning clients ensuring comfort and all the necessary amenities they can possibly provide on site. After years of dedication to climbing and providing services to trekkers and mountaineers from many different countries, he has a new found passion; he wants to provide a safety net for Sherpa families who lose a breadwinner or even if he is incapacitated. Ever since climbers took to the mountains and Sherpas accompanied them in various capacities, porters and climbing Sherpas have lost their lives or been victims of frost bite which leads to loss of limbs.

Lhakpa Sherpa who is Mingma Gelu’s sister, has summitted Everest seven times and holds the record number of climbs among women climbers.

A mother of three, Lhakpa shuns the limelight that she has every right to enjoy. She along with Mingma Gelu is a founder of the Sherpa Care Foundation and strongly believes in doing what she can for other less fortunate Sherpas.

Brought up with eleven siblings in a Sherpa family, Lhakpa took to the mountains like a lot of her clan do, naturally and by 15 had become a so called ‘kitchen boy’ for a mountaineering company. Among the eight sisters she has been the achiever although other siblings have also climbed Everest. Her big inspiration was Pasang Lhamu, the first Sherpa woman to reach the top of Everest but unfortunately died while climbing down.

Lhakpa had to wait for her chance to climb Everest but she was adamant and determined to reach the summit and make it back alive. Her perseverance paid off and she was finally successful in 2000.

Like some of the greatest climbers, Lhakpa is also drawn to the mountains and she often finds herself dreaming of Everest. She is always thinking of climbing Everest. But she is also thinking of the welfare of her fellow Sherpas.

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  • The Sherpas
    of Nepal

    The Sherpas are one of the numerous ethnic groups that make up the rich cultural fabric of Nepali society

    The Sherpas are one of the numerous ethnic groups that make up the rich cultural fabric of Nepali society and although a minority that aims to provide welfare to Sherpas and their families, they are the most well-known the world over because of their climbing prowess, their friendly disposition towards clients and dedication to duty even in the most challenging circumstances on the mountain. They have been known to put their own lives at risk while attempting to rescue clients as well as their ccompanions high in the Himalayas. The Sherpas are indispensable when it comes to climbing mountains which has led many renouned mountaineers to hire them even for expeditions in India and Pakistan. But even though Sherpas have been the backbone of our trekking and mountaineering expeditions, their families are always at risk of losing their breadwinner, there being no provisions for them to fall back on in case of accidents which are quite often fatal.

Sherpa Care Foundation

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