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    It's not how much we give but
    how much love we put into giving.

    ~ Mother Theresa

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    Lets build their future.

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    We can give them hope.

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Sherpa care is a social organization that aims to provide welfare to Sherpas and their families who rely on the tourism trade for their livelihood.

The Sherpas have since the 1950s and 1960s played a leading role in the climbing and trekking industries respectively, helping to transform Nepal into one of the most attractive destinations for adventure tourism. However the families of these Sherpas who have worked as porters, guides, sirdars and climbers had no provision for receiving any substancial financial assistance in case of an accident which sadly is all too common especially among climbing Sherpas.


Sherpa Care is the brainchild of Mingma Gelu Sherpa

Mingma Gelu is known for his umatched love for the mountains and was the first person to climb Everest 8 times. But he is not the only climber in the family as his two sisters Lhakpa and Ming Kipa are also seasoned climbers both having submitted Everest several times. Ming Kipa who summited at the age of fifteen was awarded the Gorkha Dakshin Bahu for her achievements.

Sherpa Care Foundation

P.O. Box: 8974 CPC No. 598, Thamel | Kathmandu, Nepal | +977 1 4427720